Design Concepts

Practical and advanced solutions


BMComposites have greater capabilities than ever before.

Our focus is on providing a complete service from design consultancy, through structural and composite engineering, CNC machining to construction and installation.

Using the latest techniques in rendering, scanning, modelling and CNC cutting we can easily produce scale mock-ups or prototypes for R&D testing or pre-production analysis.

Our long experience of innovation means we are used to working to the tight deadlines and budget pressures that are essential to ensures a project’s success.


Head Office

Muelle Viejo

Edificio Espigon Exterior

RS Global Building

Oficina 7, 07012

Palma de Mallorca


Carrer Cal Jutge 4

Poligono Son Morro

CP: 07007 Palma

Illes Balears



Tel. (+34) 971 254 181


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